Flight dispatch and ops support in Africa

All services provided by WA-OPS comply with ICAO recommendations (Annex 1, 3, 6, 9, 11 Chap. 5).
All services provided by WA-OPS comply with your NAA guidelines and your airline OM, MEL/CDL.

Flight organization:

  • Airports selection.
  • Clearance requests (overflight, landing, PPR, etc.) from NAA.
  • Facilitation requests (Customs, sanitary services, safety guards, etc.).
  • Definition of customers needs and 3rd party providers selection.

Flight Planning

  • Operational Flight Plan (ETOPS, ETP, MNPS).
  • Weather.
  • Notams.
  • General Declaration,  Pax Manifest, Cargo Manifest.
  • Runway Analysis.
  • Weight and Balance.
  • FPL ans associated messages on worldwide areas.
  • Eurocontrol CFMU slots management.

Flight following

  • FPL  updates.
  • Communication with  ATS, ACC, TWR, FIC.
  • 3rd party providers coordination.
  • ACARS messages.

Informations archiving

All informations are keeped on the ground during the flight. (UEMOA OPS 1.B.135).
All informations are then archived for 3 months (UEMOA OPS 1.P.030).

WA-OPS archives block/block and airborne times for all flights.

Crew duty and FTL

In accordance with your OM, WA-OPS keeps you informed in case of violation of flight and duty time limitations.

All flight times and duty times can be accessed and consulted at any time. (UEMOA OPS 1.Q.060)