On the job training

Training is provided in your operational base in respect of your local rules.

Developing below skills and allow your flight dispatchers to be able to know their influence on flight control.

  • Duties and responsibilities of flight dispatcher.
  • Civil aviation regulations.
  • Airports classification.
  • Communication networks.
  • Weather analyzing, weather watching, weather changes.
  • NOTAM analyzing.
  • Documentation available resources (AIP, OPS 1 , OM Cie, MEL/CDL).
  • Flight planning parameters and aircraft performance.
  • Calculating and editing operational flight plan.
  • Briefing package.
  • ATC FPL and associated messages filing (DLA,CNL, CHG) (FPL 2012).
  • Eurocontrol CFMU rules.
  • Understanding ATC regulations (re-routing, slots, etc.).
  • Crew briefing ability.
  • Interaction of operational control with other airline departments.
  • Documentary administration process.
  • Emergency procedures.